Tips If You Slip and Fall

Slips and falls can be funny in slapstick comedies when stunt specialists, protected with padding and knowing how to fall properly, take on-screen tumbles.

But in real life, slips and falls are a leading cause of serious injury.  Even the smallest trip-up can result in a great deal of damage to ankles, legs, arms, hands, the back, or the head.

What causes falls?  Among the many contributing factors are ice and snow, slippery materials on floors, stairs with faulty handrails, uneven concrete or slate sidewalks, improperly secured carpets or mats, and objects placed unsafely in people's paths.

Anyone who has a slip-and-fall accident and experiences injury should try to do several things.

First, get immediate medical assistance.
Second, ask for the names, addresses, and phone numbers of witnesses who saw the fall.
Third, try to save any evidence related to the fall, such as a squashed piece of fruit and the shoes worn at the time.
Fourth, contact legal counsel.

Carpet hides drain
A woman underwent arthroscopic knee surgery and missed several months of work after tripping and falling in a railway tunnel. Her attorney achieved a settlement for her with the owners of the railway station tunnel after demonstrating that they had negligently created a dangerous condition by installing carpeting that obscured the grate of a drain depression from her view.