Vision Correction Eye Surgery

Who wants to wear eyeglasses or contact lenses if they don’t have to? It’s estimated that more than a million Americans elect to have laser vision-correction surgery performed annually.

Of those, approximately 50,000 patients suffer vision complications of some kind. Vision surgery centers qualify patients for treatment by screening candidates for age, general health, vision prescription stability, vision-health conditions, and eye abnormalities, any of which may affect treatment or healing.  Screeners caution about the treatment’s risk.

Poor surgical candidate
Laser vision-correction surgery may entail risk from surgical, postoperative care, or healing complications.  An investment banker suffered severe vision blurriness in both eyes as a result of laser eye treatment.  He sued because his reduced vision forced him to accept lesser employment.  A jury provided a significant award when the plaintiff’s attorney demonstrated that the patient’s pre-surgical screening included observation of eye abnormalities that contraindicated laser surgery, which the surgical center downplayed.