Auto Accidents

Uninsured Motorists

As auto insurance premiums increase, purchasers try to cut costs by changing insurers, upping deductibles, seeking discounts, and eliminating coverage options. One option no driver should eliminate is uninsured/ underinsured motorists coverage, or "UM/UIM."   Don't sign UM/UIM waivers.

UM/UIM protects the insured against damages and injuries from accidents involving drivers who have no insurance or inadequate insurance.  There are a lot of them, too.  Experts estimate that, nationally, about 14 percent of all drivers have zero or marginal insurance.  In some states, the numbers are much higher.

Getting into an accident with an uninsured driver can be a nightmare.  Some accidents are caused by drivers who are at fault and flee the scene.  Others don't know that their lane changing may have caused a crash.  Some large trucks drop debris on the road, causing vehicle accidents. In such cases, when the damaged vehicles or injured drivers or passengers have UM/UIM coverage, individuals are able to file claims and receive recoveries for their accidents.

Contact your insurance agent or an attorney for more information.